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Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA External hard drive Evaluation service for data recovery + Return costs / destroy

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Before placing an order,

please read all of the content on this page carefully.

This product is a service, not a physical commodity. You should fully understand the content of this page or contact us before placing an order. Please write the correct delivery address and contact phone number in the order, complete an Information Sheet and put it in the package.
All orders with incomplete information or without payment cannot be processed immediately upon receipt. They will be placed in the "waiting zone", after 30 days, unclaimed packages will be destroyed.

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12,50 €

You can order: 3 quantity of this product

This order amount is used as the cost for us to return your External hard drive by a carrier, in the event data recovery is complete or the customer refuses the quote and wishes to recover the failed storage media. This is not the final price for data recovery.

Please check the shipping address and contact number in the order carefully, we will follow the order information when resend support.
(For countries of the European Economic Community other than France, you must pay additional shipping costs to complete the order. At present, it is not possible to process orders from countries outside of European Economic Community)
Please download this PDF document, print it, fill in the information and put it in the package on your hard drive. (If you do not have a printer, you can copy by hand and fill in the corresponding information, please try to write neatly or write letters in upper case)

How to pack your External hard drive Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA, Please observe these images below:


Delivery address:

Postal code: 75012
Country: France
Tel: +33 (0)9 82 28 72 14

After receiving your Toshiba External hard drive:

We will create a case with a tracking number, then the engineer will start the test. If necessary, he will open your storage media, change the chip, and replace parts to assess the condition of the hard drive.

Evaluation is complete:

We will contact you to let you know the percentage of data that can be recovered, the price and the time required. If the customer accepts our offer, we will initiate the data recovery process.

Data recovery is complete:

We have the industry's top dedicated software and hardware equipment, dust-free opening environment (ISO 5 level), and factory-level data recovery software to ensure the safest and most efficient recovery of your important data.

We will contact you for data verification (by e-mail, by remote connection, visit to the store).
If your failed storage medium has drive encryption, you must have the correct key to verify the data.For example, these encryption methods: Bitlocker (Windows), McAfee Drive Encryption, VeraCrypt, etc.

You only pay if we can recover your data.


Paid the data recovery fee:

We will copy the data to a new storage medium and resend it to you via the carrier.
The new storage medium must be supplied by the customer, or contact us to purchase a new storage medium.
Note: If this is a new customer supplied storage medium, all data on the new storage medium will be formatted. Please make a data backup in advance.

The most frequently asked questions by our customers:

1. What is the price of this External hard drive data recovery ?

Answer: The price of data recovery is related to many factors (such as: cause of failure, time required, difficulty in repairing files, type of professional hardware to use, market price of parts...), the price fluctuates within a very wide range, so it is difficult to evaluate the hard drive before giving customers an accurate quote. However, we do our best to meet customers' needs. Based on our past experience, we will give an approximate price for data recovery services based on the different causes of this hard drive failure. These prices will vary to some extent. They are only used so that you know the price in advance, but not as the final offer.
External hard drive Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA
TypePrice excluding tax
Logical failure95 EUR
Motherboard failure185 EUR
Firmware failure395 EUR
Mechanical breakdown710 EUR
Multiple failures1250 EUR
* If your External hard drive has been opened by a third party or by you, the price of data recovery will increase depending on the situation.
* The above prices are exclusive of French taxes. French private and business customers must pay an additional 20% VAT upon payment. We can provide invoices from French companies recognized for tax purposes. Individual customers from the European Economic Community must pay 20% of French VAT. European Economic Community business customers can obtain an invoice without VAT after providing their intra-community VAT number (verification is required).

2. How long does this External hard drive data recovery take ?

Answer: The time taken for data recovery is also related to many factors (such as: cause of failure, need to order parts, hard drive capacity, storage technology, presence of large number of damaged sectors on the disk and the difficulty of reorganizing data). The time taken for different problems is also very different. Therefore, it is difficult for us to give customers a specific time period before testing the hard disk.
Based on our experience in data recovery, we give an approximate time frame depending on the type and capacity of the failure.
Approximate timeBusiness day
500GB or less640GB-1TB1.5TB-2TB3TB-4TB5TB-8TB
Logical failure1-21-21-31-31-4
Motherboard failure2-32-32-42-42-7
Firmware failure2-52-52-52-52-7
Mechanical failure5-105-105-105-155-20
Too many bad sectors7-307-407-507-607-90
Multiple failures10-3010-4010-5010-6010-90

3. Can all data on this External hard drive be recovered ?

Answer: This is another good question. The possibility of completely recovering data is also related to many factors (such as: damage to PCB printed circuit board, main control, damage to disk, damage to firmware area, user sector data), some damage will result At complete data loss, some damage will result in incomplete or messy data, so it is difficult for us to give a precise answer before checking the hard drive status. This answer, we believe, is a difficult question for all data recovery experts to answer. 99.9% advertising is more like marketing. The data recovery success rate of 99.9% is based on the engineer's assessment of the hard drive condition.

4. Should I send us a new storage medium together ?

Answer: You can send the faulty External hard drive along with the new hard drive used to store the recovered data. But you need to pay attention: at the same time, the hard drive used to store the recovered data must be empty and must be greater than or equal to the capacity of the failed hard drive. You can also choose to purchase new storage media from us.
We are a company registered in Paris, France. We have rich experience in data recovery for this External hard drive Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA. We can deal with deletion by mistake, file system failure, electronic circuit failure, broken read head, burnt out motor and stuck shutter, bad sectors on disk, etc.
Your Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA External hard drive cannot be recognized by the computer and the computer's disk manager cannot find the disk info?
Has your Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA External hard drive been dropped, then connected to the computer and heard "clicks"?
Your Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA External hard drive, after touching liquid or water, there is no light on, there is no response when connected to the computer?
Your Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA External hard drive suddenly cannot be detected, or it has incorrect capacity.
Have you used data recovery software and cannot find your data?
External hard drive Toshiba 3TB HDTW130ECMCA "Toshiba DTW130 HDTW130ECMCA 3TB" Damaged PCB, Burnt Chip, Damaged External Controller Board, Damaged Firmware, Voltage Overload, A Loose or Missing Component, A Damaged Interface / Connector, Data Deleted / Formatted, Mac Partition Not Mountable, Drive Partition Not Recognized, FAT Tables / Corrupted MFTs, Minor Bad Sectors, Damaged Boot Files, SMART Errors Exceeded, Damaged Read / Write Heads, Clicking / Ticking Noise, Liquid / Moisture Damage, 'Stuck / Stuck' Motor / Spindle, drive stuck on the tray, Does not spin / No power, Corruption / Brick module ...
For the above Toshiba External hard drive problems that you cannot solve, please do not try again. Any mishandling will reduce the possibility of data recovery, and even cause data loss permanently.
When you place an order, it means that you have carefully read the contents of this page and agree to our evaluation and data recovery process.

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